November 27 is #GivingTuesday

Mr. William Gilcrease & Bambi (Mule Deer)

Founder William Gilcrease with Bambi 

Nine years ago, a newborn mule deer was rescued from the side of the road and brought to Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary. Our founder, Bill, fell in love with the adorable orphan and she thrived under his care.
Bambi learned to nurse from a goat as well as taking a bottle and would often be seen frolicking in the sanctuary’s grassy amphitheater. As she got older it was apparent that she would need a habitat to protect her for her lifetime. Even though Bambi was a wild animal, she had not learned the skills she would need to survive in the wild. She had been loved so much that she just didn’t understand the not everyone was kind and that were dangers for her out in the big, bad world.
An educational permit was secured from the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife so that Bambi would always have a safe place to live. This permit allows Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary to educate people about mule deer in particular and the consequences of interfering with wildlife.
For nine years now, Bambi has had a safe and spoiled life in her habitat. Her every need is met by dedicated caregivers and especially by our greeter, Tom. They have a love that is truly heartwarming to watch. He makes sure that Bambi has her favorite mulberry leaves and an abundant supply of fresh and varied food as well as a specially formulated pellet for deer and supplements to keep her healthy. She is visited by one of our amazing veterinarians from Desert Pines Equine for hoof trimming and an overall wellness exam every year.
Bambi could be with us for up to another 10 years and as she moves into her senior years, we would like very much to give her the most comfortable habitat possible. The one thing that Bambi no longer has is grass to graze on and lie in.
This year, for #GivingTuesday, on November 27th, we have set a goal of $8,000.00. This will restore, repair and modify her sleeping quarters as well as install as much sod into her habitat as possible. All donations for #GivingTuesday will be dedicated to this project. We are deeply grateful for your support.